LAMP stands for Linux - Apache - MySQL - PHP. It brings together the 4 major dynamic web services tools in the world:

    Linux, first POSIX operation system published under GPL license, represents more that half of the Internet servers in service and is in constant growth.
    Apache, also available under GPL license, nearly has a monopole, being the most used web server throughout the world
    MySQL is the most popular of Open Source SQL database servers.
    PHP, the dynamic web page generator, often associated with databases like MySQL, Postgres, or Oracle, is the reference for professional web sites developers.

This course teaches how to configure a LAMP platform and use it as a PHP development environment.

This course is not available online yet. For a training session, visit our website and contact us :


The notoriety of Python is no longer in question. The website reports that Python is one of the most famous languages.  It is one of the few languages deployed by Google (aside Java and C++) for production use.  It is recognized even by the Java and Microsoft communities, who have implemented their own interpreters: Jython and IronPython.

Following intense demand for our Python programming course, Savoir-faire Linux now offers another course on web development with Pyramid from the Pylons project, an agile framework based on Python. Built on the WSGI standard, (equivalent to Java's Servlet), it allows for ultra fast prototyping, development and deployment.  It sits on a wide array of Python libraries that can handle most any task, in any domain.

This course is an introduction to Pylons, targeting pratical experience, building real applications.